Hello new world

As it is the case with most of us in this most interesting of times, I have a lot of time in my hand. Hence, I finally managed to muster the effort and put this site together. The final push was when I and a friend started reading a blog I maintained 13(!) years back, and we both regretfully agreed that I was way funnier and profound when I was barely 20 than I am today. Here's to hoping practice makes perfect and some of that mojo maybe captured in time!

One of my goals with a personal site was to not just make it a simple blog, or something that takes too much time either. Ideally a site that doesn't cost too much money, is still customizable, and looks okay despite my abysmal design skills. A year ago, I stumbled on the site by Noah in reddit, and asked him if I could fork his site. He was more than happy with that (thanks Noah!).

So now we have (what I think is) a slick site powered by gatsbyjs, and uses GitHub Actions to deploy the static site to S3! Still need to figure out SSL and a publications section, but my primary next goal is to be able to seamlessly push markdown posts from my mobile but that seems tricky for now.

Here's to exciting times!

The site was forked with permission from the design at  noahyamamoto.com.