Ramraj Velmurugan
Hi there, I'm
Ramraj Velmurugan

I'm a Data Scienctist and Software Engineer working with Komodo Health. I create products that can seamlessly summarize complex datasets in insightful ways. Previously I completed a PhD processing images and looking at immune cells eating up cancer cells.

Full Resume

A highly opinionated retrospective summarization of my most important conclusions about the COVID-19 pandemic

I challenged ChatGPT(4) to think like Einstein and come up with new theories of physics.

An attempt to think through what actions would really make a meaningful dent in our carbon footprints


As part of the Insight Data Sciences program, I built a site that ingested all the tweets from Florida during Hurricane Irma and extracted location information from them, so we can visualize flooding information in a map. The exciting project involved a combination of design, data engineering and data science work.

Structure-based superresolution

My PhD lab specialized in advanced image processing for single molecule applications in biology. As part of this effort, we participated in the International Single Molecule Mocroscopy Localization Microscopy challenge and won first place in several categories. I was able to make some interesting insights on using prior information about biological structures that allowed a 100% improvement on our metrics.

InferAlpha - lending startup for Childrens books

Worked with Aarthi Ramasubramaniam as the technical cofounder on a Netflix-style book lending startup that specialized in Childrens books. We wrapped up operations in 2017.

Pebble watch notifications app

An android app that served as a companion to the Pebble Canvas application, it allowed the user to send notifications to the Pebble watchface!


A website that uses Microsoft Academic Graph to create profile pages for all the academics in the world.

The site was forked with permission from the design at  noahyamamoto.com.